Inter-pharmacy Sports

Two weekends ago, the annual inter-pharmacy sports was held, and there was fierce competition from each year group. The sports started at an early 10am with Netball numbers not as prolific as hoped, but still having enough for a competitive game.

The numbers then sky rocketed in time for the basketball, with the P4’s taking out both the P2 and P3 teams on their way to basketball victory. New faces then arrived and were ready to play some indoor football, with again the P4 asserting their dominance and beating both the P2 and P3 teams again, to be crowned the inter-pharmacy champions.

Well done to everyone who turned up and made it a great day, and congratulations to the P4 champions!

A special mention to our Go Healthy spot prize winners James Walters (P4), Ben Mwangi (P3), and Jenna Maia (P2) for their dedication and sportsmanship.

(Photo credit: Kevin Lee)

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