Lab Group BYO/ Inter-Pharmacy Stein

On Friday 10th August, we held a new social event on the calendar – the lab group BYO and Pharmacy Stein! The aim of this event was to give everyone the chance to get to know their lab groups better as well as meet new people across the different year levels.

Student BYOs were split into the different lab groups (A,B,C,D) creating a mix of students across each year group. We kicked off with students from group A at Tokyo Garden, group B was at India Gardens and Group C and D were combined at The Marajahas. Everyone enjoyed their meal and it was great seeing a lot of socialising across the year levels!

With tummies full of curry and Japanese we all headed to Starters bar, the DJ kicked off at 9pm and everyone had a great time dancing all evening!

We hope to see this event run again in the future and improved! Well done to social rep Bex Angus (and the rest of the executive) for organising such a successful event.

Thanks to Tokyo Garden, India Gardens, Maharaja’s and Starters Bar for their support.


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