Pharmacy Camp 2019!

This year the annual pharmacy camp was held from Monday the 11th to Wednesday the 13th of February. We had 60 second years and 40 third and fourth year students come along to help organise the events and lead the teams.

The students arrived excited and eager to meet each other at the bus bay outside of the Otago Museum on Monday morning. They were split into 6 coloured teams chattered with their new team mates on the bus to Waiora Scout Camp. Upon arrival, the teams participated in icebreaker activities and games, such as a balloon and egg game to get to know each other. It was even hot enough for a dip in the water hole in the afternoon! After dinner, the night was finished with a disco including a DJ and late night snacks. It was great to see friendships forming amongst the new P2s.

On Tuesday morning, we awoke to a sunny morning and teams split off to work on their skits which were pulled out of a hat by Glenn Wallace, our Revue representative. The morning was followed by a competitive but fun afternoon on the sports field. Teams versed each other in touch rugby, volleyball, cricket and tug of war for points. Skits were presented after our BBQ night and were a big hit for everyone. The teams did an amazing job on the skit performances, one of the best that the older students have seen in years. The night was full of laughs. The skits were followed by another dance party with a DJ. By this point it was obvious that many friendships had been formed throughout camp and that everyone was enjoying themselves.

Congratulations to Yellow Team for winning with the most points and an amazing performance in the final tie breaker!

A massive thank you to the 2019 exec and all the helpers at camp, it was a blast!

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