The Annual Pharmacy Flat Crawl – Safari 2019

On Saturday the 6th of April, the Annual Pharmacy Flat Crawl was held in North Dunedin. Our theme this year was Safari. From safari rangers to pink panthers there was something for everyone. We started the day on Leith St, with a great view of all the incoming pharmacy students. Throughout the afternoon, we moved through 3 flats generously provided by our members.

The day consisted of friendly games, a costume competition and a BBQ provided by NZAPS-O for the hungry hoards. Best dressed for the day was awarded to Aleesha Bhana who crafted a home made elephant costume.

The event was sponsored by Scrumpy. They ensured that our members had a beverage in hand the entire event. A huge thanks goes to Scrumpy for helping up with our annual Flat Crawl!

It was a great day, enjoyed by many, with friendships and memories being made between all year groups.

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