A Flat Crawl in Imagination Land!

Saturday 14th March marked the day the door to Imagination land opened, and different characters and creatures from all movies and TV shows you had once seen had come to life. The objective of the day was to take upon activities and challenges across three flats on the mysterious land of North Dunedin.

Our members first assembled at our first flat on Leith Street, where different year levels prepared themselves for the first challenge; The Scrumpy Race! The event was sponsored none other than Scrumpy themselves, providing our members with plenty of refreshments in hand.

It was the perfect day for our members to enjoy a beverage in the hot sun, with plenty of dancing, mingling, a sizzling BBQ, and hot chips to keep our comrades going with full energy throughout the day!

Best dressed of the day was awarded to Shea McDonald whose outfit was inspired by the Joker.

A huge thanks to Scrumpy for yet again helping our association with ticking off another great flat crawl!

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