IPSF August 2018 – Mendoza, Argentina

By Laura Pidcock

Ruby, Nadine, Grace, Callum and I have been lucky enough to attend the IPSF (International Pharmaceutical Students Federation) World Congress in Mendoza, Argentina this year.

This year the Congress revolved around the theme ‘From lab to counter: The different pharmacists’ profiles and their constant contribution to global health‘ which the hosting committee chose to base their educational and scientific seminars off, in conjunction with the health campaigns and work shops which were attended by our delegates. We learnt about many drug developments, pharmacy policies, and other common diseases in Argentina.

Ruby our Contact Person (CP), Nadine our Student Exchange Officer (SEO) and myself as the President also represented NZAPS-O in the IPSF General Assembly as Official Delegates. Here we were given the opportunity to voice our opinions on an international scene and partake in voting upon policies and amendments as NZAPS-O are full members of the federation.

The importance of NZAPS-O remaining a part of IPSF is insurmountable. It enables us to network with pharmacy students’ associations from around the globe, regarding their activity in various public health campaigns and assists us in building connections for all the incredible student exchange opportunities. And of course, much more.

Meanwhile Grace, Callum, and myself participated in public health campaign where we set up a stall in the middle of the city and carried out blood pressure and glucose tests on the public aswell as educating the locals (in Spanish) about Chagas disease, a common parasitic infection cause by the ‘vinchuca’ bug. The first symptoms are a swollen eye and is a common cause of death in Latin America.


This opportunity presents a unique way to form lifelong international contacts and bring back the knowledge of the pharmacy profession overseas to share with colleagues and implement in your own personal development as a pharmacist.

If you think you would be interested in learning more about IPSF and representing NZAPS-O on an international stage, please message Ruby Gallavin or Nadine King if you have questions. I STRONGLY suggest that if you are considering running for the position of CP or SEO you apply to attend the World Congress in RWANDA next year in 2019.

Here’s a few photos of what we have been up to:

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