Go Healthy Pharmacy Ball: Casino Royale

On Saturday 15th September we had our annual Go Healthy Pharmacy Ball. The theme this year was Casino Royale, and it was held at the Savoy.

Everyone arrived full of energy down the red carpet, claimed their welcome drink and enjoyed the live singer with much excitement until the DJ came on.

Everyone danced the night away and enjoyed the delicious nibbles! A big thank you to our sponsor Go Healthy.

The following awards were announced:

  • Best Dancer – Ben Mwangi
  • Biggest Balls up – Jesse Jordan
  • Bachelorette – Anneliese Cooper
  • Bachelor – Joey Chan
  • King and Queen – Stephanie Murphy and Aaron Walker



Congratulations to the new executive for 2019!

On Friday evening we had our NZAPS-O annual general meeting. Congratulations to our new executive team for 2019! We wish you all the best.

President: Rebecca Angus
Secretary: Emma Gray
Treasurer: Ella Mountstevens
Education: Judy Park 
IPSF Contact Person: Callum Porter
Student Exchange Officer/Welfare: Daniel Lim
Social: Bella Mcloughlin
Sport: Tasia Sissing
Marketing: Ollie Sibanda
Revue: Glenn Wallace

Congratulations is also in order to the recipients of the NZAPS-O award: Devon Crooks and Prashikha Chand.
We truly appreciate the huge time and contribution these girls have given to NZAPS-O over the last few years.

_DSC1042The 2019 Executive from back left: Glenn Wallace, Callum Porter, Bex Angus, Tasia Sissing, Bella Mcloughlan, Daniel Lim
Front: Emma Gray, Ollie Sibanda, Judy Park

_DSC1077Prashikha Chand – One of the winners of the NZAPS-O appreciation award. Photographed with Polo Nguyen.

_DSC1073Three Generations of Marketing Representative

_DSC1054Three generations of social representatives.

_DSC10742018/2019 Executive together

First Aid with Red Cross

This month some of our P4s have been busy completing a first aid course. Each year NZAPS-O organises sessions through Red Cross for our members. This year 42 students took up the opportunity.

Although we had to give up a whole Saturday (or Sunday), at least the first aid smartphone app preparation modules meant an extra half day wasn’t required!
I hope everyone that attended learned something, and feels as though they would be able to act when necessary. Those that attended are now trained in the “DRSABC”, giving CPR, helping a choking person, dealing with a bleed, and so much more.
I hope we never have to use these skills but I’m glad we will be able to act when necessary.
We are required to hold a current first aid certificate (check PCNZ website for standards
required) when applying for registration as a pharmacist at the end of intern year. It’s a
good idea to get it out of the way before the busy intern year begins, is something extra to put on your CV, and it’s fun to complete it with pharmacy peers!

Keep an eye out for details in your final year.
Shout-out to Red Cross for providing courses at a discounted rate for our students.
– Jemma Fielding, Education Representative

“Pharm Wars” – Pharmacy Revue 2018

This year’s revue was based on the classic Star Wars Saga.

Darth Ventolin and Emperor Palpation have devised a scheme to dispose of our favourite lecturers in favour of a new curriculum. The only hope of stopping their evil plan from coming to fruition lies in the form of a ragtag team, comprised of some hopeful pharmacy students, some sex robots, and a couple of Pharmacy’s seediest lecturers.

The road to the show was a long and bumpy ride, but thanks to the determination of pharmacy’s most talented individuals, it was a huge success.

I’ve been a part of the revue for the past three years and I have to say this year’s was probably my favourite. I’m definitely going to miss it next year, but I think the world has had enough of me and my horrible jokes.

I wish good luck to all the future Revue rep’s, but just know you will never be as good as me.

Mitchell Smith – Revue Rep 2018


Pharmacy awareness week

NZAPS-O Pharmacy Awareness week is creeping up fast! Events will run from the 24th-28th of September.

Thanks Pharmacy today for the article on our upcoming “Pharmacy Awareness Week” Campaign!

You can read it here:


To follow our Pharmacy Awareness campaign and get updates on what we are doing, join the facebook event here:



GO Healthy Evening

On Wednesday the 23rd August, Nick Taylor from GO Healthy hosted a presentation for NZAPS-O students to inform us about a range of their natural health products. They have also given our fourth year students an opportunity to fill out a ‘GO Healthy Training module’ booklet. These have both been extremely useful in getting to know more about some of their products so we can provide the best patient care possible in our practice as future pharmacists!

GO Healthy have backed NZAPS-O for a number of years and we are extremely grateful for their ongoing support.

Thanks Nick and thanks GO Healthy!

– Laura Pidcock

Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at 10.35.30 PM

IPSF August 2018 – Mendoza, Argentina

By Laura Pidcock

Ruby, Nadine, Grace, Callum and I have been lucky enough to attend the IPSF (International Pharmaceutical Students Federation) World Congress in Mendoza, Argentina this year.

This year the Congress revolved around the theme ‘From lab to counter: The different pharmacists’ profiles and their constant contribution to global health‘ which the hosting committee chose to base their educational and scientific seminars off, in conjunction with the health campaigns and work shops which were attended by our delegates. We learnt about many drug developments, pharmacy policies, and other common diseases in Argentina.

Ruby our Contact Person (CP), Nadine our Student Exchange Officer (SEO) and myself as the President also represented NZAPS-O in the IPSF General Assembly as Official Delegates. Here we were given the opportunity to voice our opinions on an international scene and partake in voting upon policies and amendments as NZAPS-O are full members of the federation.

The importance of NZAPS-O remaining a part of IPSF is insurmountable. It enables us to network with pharmacy students’ associations from around the globe, regarding their activity in various public health campaigns and assists us in building connections for all the incredible student exchange opportunities. And of course, much more.

Meanwhile Grace, Callum, and myself participated in public health campaign where we set up a stall in the middle of the city and carried out blood pressure and glucose tests on the public aswell as educating the locals (in Spanish) about Chagas disease, a common parasitic infection cause by the ‘vinchuca’ bug. The first symptoms are a swollen eye and is a common cause of death in Latin America.


This opportunity presents a unique way to form lifelong international contacts and bring back the knowledge of the pharmacy profession overseas to share with colleagues and implement in your own personal development as a pharmacist.

If you think you would be interested in learning more about IPSF and representing NZAPS-O on an international stage, please message Ruby Gallavin or Nadine King if you have questions. I STRONGLY suggest that if you are considering running for the position of CP or SEO you apply to attend the World Congress in RWANDA next year in 2019.

Here’s a few photos of what we have been up to:

Lab Group BYO/ Inter-Pharmacy Stein

On Friday 10th August, we held a new social event on the calendar – the lab group BYO and Pharmacy Stein! The aim of this event was to give everyone the chance to get to know their lab groups better as well as meet new people across the different year levels.

Student BYOs were split into the different lab groups (A,B,C,D) creating a mix of students across each year group. We kicked off with students from group A at Tokyo Garden, group B was at India Gardens and Group C and D were combined at The Marajahas. Everyone enjoyed their meal and it was great seeing a lot of socialising across the year levels!

With tummies full of curry and Japanese we all headed to Starters bar, the DJ kicked off at 9pm and everyone had a great time dancing all evening!

We hope to see this event run again in the future and improved! Well done to social rep Bex Angus (and the rest of the executive) for organising such a successful event.

Thanks to Tokyo Garden, India Gardens, Maharaja’s and Starters Bar for their support.


Inter-pharmacy Sports

Two weekends ago, the annual inter-pharmacy sports was held, and there was fierce competition from each year group. The sports started at an early 10am with Netball numbers not as prolific as hoped, but still having enough for a competitive game.

The numbers then sky rocketed in time for the basketball, with the P4’s taking out both the P2 and P3 teams on their way to basketball victory. New faces then arrived and were ready to play some indoor football, with again the P4 asserting their dominance and beating both the P2 and P3 teams again, to be crowned the inter-pharmacy champions.

Well done to everyone who turned up and made it a great day, and congratulations to the P4 champions!

A special mention to our Go Healthy spot prize winners James Walters (P4), Ben Mwangi (P3), and Jenna Maia (P2) for their dedication and sportsmanship.

(Photo credit: Kevin Lee)

Educational Seminar 2018

Educational Seminar


Last month the NZAPS-O “Educational Seminar” event was held. At least one is held each year to give students the opportunity to hear what some pharmacists have been up to, and be inspired. The free morning tea is a bonus! This year were lucky enough to hear from three amazing pharmacists.

Angela Harwood, a Clinical Advisory Pharmacist here in Dunedin, shared the range of roles she has been involved in with us. These range from community pharmacy and ownership, mobile medicines management, primary care (clinical advisory pharmacist), and recently gaining a certificate in pharmacist prescribing. Wow! It was exciting for students to see the range of opportunities and services out there, beyond what they may have heard about in class so far.

 Guna Kanniah, a senior clinical pharmacist specialising in mental health and addictions services travelled all the way from Hamilton to encourage students to accept the mission of becoming a mental health pharmacist. Mental health is an important issue in our communities- Guna highlighted the statistic that 1 in 4 people in NZ have a mental health issue, then got us to close our eyes and picture three friends or people we know. He brought a lot of wisdom and passion to his presentation and I am sure he has ignited sparks of interest in students.

Paul Larson, a local community pharmacist (Larson’s pharmacy in Green Island), presented a highly entertaining and informative talk. He shared his background in pharmacy, and insights on community pharmacy and how to be a successful community pharmacist. He highlighted the idea that we need to be responsive to change, as change is inevitable part of our future in the profession. It was great hearing an honest perspective of community pharmacy from someone who has been so involved in the profession. Students always love to hear from him, and we are grateful to have Larson’s Pharmacy as one of our NZAPS-O sponsors.  

 HUGE thanks to our speakers for giving up their time to talk to students. Everyone that attended learned something new, and it was so inspiring hearing what these pharmacists have been up to. A thanks also goes out to Otago School of Pharmacy for contributing to event finances.  

Make sure you attend next year to hear from another group of amazing pharmacists!